Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dropped the Ball Again

Kind of sucks...I missed out on over a year...My time is limited... It was a good and bad year for Cardiac Arrest in 2012. Played the show of our lives with Autopsy, Cianide, and Bones in May of 2012. Did limited shows since I started working again. Released our fourth full length album, Vortex of Violence. You probably didn't hear it because it did not get pushed at all. Oh well, on to bigger and better things. 2013 is busy. I'm getting married in May. Cardiac has a split 7" coming out with Mutant Supremacy. We are also working on our fifth full length. Played in Indianapolis with our good friends Radiation Sickness in January. Will be playing next week (Mon Mar 11) with Master here in Chicago. Playing Cheyenne, WY for the Wolves of the Apocalypse Fest in April. Have some irons in the fire for some other shows in the US. That's all for now folks...Maybe it won't be another year before I update this thing...

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