Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Alright...

You digging how I'm interweaving these Black Sabbath songs? I thought it was clever. But then again, I'm always drunk...

So, Jim is no longer in the band and the line up has been compromised for the first time since I joined in 2006. Five years...that is a pretty long run for stability in bands these days. So what the hell were we going to do?

We had a couple of options...Jim set us up with someone. This someone had already learned some of the tunes. Ok, why not try him out? I also had Danny from my other band Severed in mind too. Danny and I have jammed together since 1995 so we more or less share the same brain. Decisions decisions.

Ok, so we tried both out. Since we wanted to keep things quiet, we did not put out any adds or go posting all over the internet. We just wanted to test the waters with these two guys and see what happened. We had the time. If neither would work out, well, we would worry about it then.

So we played with both drummers for the next few weeks. And we made a decision. It wasn't Danny. And this is not a slight in any way. Danny just could not commit to our schedule. We had a lot of things coming up, and it caused some conflicts with his family life as well as his other bands. So Danny and I will still be doing Severed together at some point.

We had our first show coming up in Milwaukee on May we continued to practice and tighten the screws...

Oh...and the new guy is.......

...going to be revealed soon!


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